Why Reddit Beauty Lovers Are Stocking Up on This $3 Drugstore Lip Gloss

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You can find clear lip gloss priced at well over $20 these days, and for some shoppers, those products are totally worth it in order to get the shiniest, longest-lasting, least sticky, and most versatile formula. But what if I told you that there's a $3 clear lip gloss that holds its own against glosses seven times more expensive? In a recent thread in the subreddit MakeupAddiction, Reddit users simultaneously sing the praises of Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss in the un-color Behind the Scenes while hoping word doesn't get out about how fabulous it is. (Oops.)

"I don’t know why every single person on earth doesn’t own the essence shine shine shine wet look lip gloss, in the shade 01 behind the scenes," writes Reddit user Min_yoongi_genius. "It is completely clear. It is so bouncy and thick but so shiny and it smells and tastes amazing! It lasts through a meal for me. It also doesn’t fade or slide around when used on my eyelids. For 3 freaking dollars." In under a day, the enthusiastic testimonial has garnered over 900 upvotes and 140 comments from other fans of the gloss and those curious about trying it.

"Yes. this is the best! I bought like 5 of them at once after i tried it," user a5555tha replied — a sentiment echoed by someone with the handle stinkykittin: "This gloss is legit the best." Other commenters said they're also huge fans of other colors in the 11-shade Shine Shine Shine lineup.

Another user, Mandarinarosa, agrees with the original poster, saying, "It actually feels really good on the lips, lasts a lot, doesn't dry out the lips, tastes amazing and it's true that it doesn't budge." And an especially enthusiastic response from GraphiteInMyBlood reads, "I love this gloss! It smells like cream soda! I'm in my 40s and probably should not be this excited about cream soda smelling gloss, but fuck it, let the exclamation points fly!!!