What a friend we have in Jesus

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We live at an incredible time, and anyone following the spiritual path knows that the earth is changing, which propels human beings to evolve/change. There is no way to escape or to dodge. Those who are still resisting the changes because they are not aware of what is going on in the world, their lives will show much turmoil and chaos. We are living in a virtual world, the world that brings together visible and invisible, physical and spiritual.
There is energy transmutation in the body and mind. Religious rules are crumbling beneath their feet. Therefore, it is time for Christianity Revival. No more religious rules but universal laws. I know that religious people will argue, but believe it or not. GOD is ENERGY (POWER). Energy never dies, Energy never ends. Energy only changes from visible to visible (manufacture), from visible to invisible (physical death), or from invisible to visible (creation, birth). That is why the core belief of Christianity is "eternal life." Your success and happiness depend on your vibrational mental, energetic frequency working into universal laws such as the law of attraction, karma, and togetherness. To be, or not to be? The choice is yours.

What a friend we have in Jesus.

Glory to you, Jesus!
Glory to you, Jesus! it's a shout of war
that makes demons tremble
Glory to you, Jesus! It is a shout of perseverance
until the sun rises
Glory to you, Jesus! It's a shout of hope
for empty, bruised, and weakened hearts
Glory to you, Jesus! it's a shout of gratitude
for all the good things that Christ has done in your life,
Glory to you, Jesus! It's a shout of victory that resonates in all aspects of your life.
Glory to you, Jesus! It's a shout that expresses the Divine presence in all, for all, and everywhere.
Forever, Jesus, you are my friend in the valley as in the mountain.
Thank you, Jesus!

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