The essential laws of life

The essential laws of life.

THE ESSENTIAL LAWS OF LIFE hidden to ordinary Christians for centuries. 

Life is energy. Any energy you consume affects you, your body, mind, and soul.  

When you breathe, you breathe air and everything that comes with it.  

When you eat, you eat food and everything that comes with it.  

Your success and happiness essentially depend on the nature of the energy that you consume, consciously or unconsciously. But you have the power to choose positive over negative energy.  

Positive food will make you healthy, and harmful food will kill you.  

Life brings life, and death brings death in you, your body, mind, and soul; therefore, be careful with the energy you consume, physical or spiritual energy.  

Your health, finances, and relationship are all affected by the nature of energy, physical or spiritual, that you consume.  

1- you must always purify your body, mind, and soul.  

2- Not everything is for eating, even if it looks or smells good. Do not let your mind eats it.  

3- All that is temporary does not belong to you. Therefore, any desire to appropriate all that is temporary is the sufferings of Tomorrow that you create in your life.  

4- Reality is not the Truth. Reality changes but the Truth NEVER. The Truth is always above reality as heaven is consistently above the earth.  

5- life is a perpetual process of becoming a complete divine being. Therefore, never stop growing and learning.  

6- Spirituality has two fundamental dimensions: personal and collective dimensions. These two dimensions are the answers to all your life problems.  

Personal spiritual dimension: Learn how to align with the will of God rather than your will. Ask then you shall receive. Ask ONLY happiness, not a specific thing, and Let God make it happen in His way. Do not ask or expect any particular item or outcome when you enter your inner room alone with God. Let yourself immerse into the presence of God, feel it embrace the Greater I AM within you, the Almighty Loving Father. Welcome the presence of the angel of God in your inner room, feel it and embrace it. Let it be just like that all day long.  

Collective spiritual dimension: Jesus could have done lt all alone but chose to build with 12 disciples for the benefit of everyone. Then when the master left them, the 12 disciples built the first community of believers only to become one of the greatest and wealthiest religions on earth. That is Christianity. Jesus Christ and his disciples applied the “law of Togetherness.” God made life for us to live together, be together and win together. Togetherness is one of the greatest secrets of life solutions for happiness and success that God has given to humanity. Still, greed and self-sufficiency try to take it away from you.  

“Survival is the second law of life. The first is that we are all one”. - Joseph Campbell 


The law of Togetherness states that: To succeed in life, in everything, and everywhere, you have to know how to build with others for the benefit of everyone.  

7- The law of attraction: We naturally attract what is needed to actualize who we genuinely are and accomplish our life’s purpose.  

8- The karma law: Everything is paid here on earth, above or under the ground. Any act that you do has its remuneration, positive or negative. You will get it sooner or later, but you cannot escape it only with God’s mercy through repentance.  

9- Love is God. Love others and yourself unconditionally. 

10- Faith without risk does not exist. You cannot say that you have faith in God or yourself if you do not take a chance.  

Now, you have the tools, not all, but essential to a better and happy life. Integrate these mighty laws in your daily life and share them with others.  

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