The Divine presence within you.

Our soul is a sun that shines within us.

 Flaming unknown, through the pupil

It darts the sparkle of the fires that are in it,

Dazzles you, wows you by focusing on you.

It blooms our thoughts and perfumes them all,

 And grows in our hearts, solemn light,

 Atom detached from the eternal flame,

 The most beautiful harvests and the sweetest fruits.

 The clouds of the senses sometimes cover it,

The misty vapors of doubt surround it,

But it is still there under this human fog;

And when we fall into the valley,

Wide and pale at sunset, in the night of the grave,

It is to open the door to the angels of heaven,

To prepare for tomorrow's brilliance!


Psalm46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God"


Every day, recharge your mind with God's presence to overcome fears, doubts, worries, cries, problems, and addictions. To be in God's presence requires avoiding while praying three commons mind and feeling habits: talking, asking, and expecting. Build in the Truth a relationship with God. God knows you. So when you are in the presence of God, do not ask for a specific thing and do not expect any particular solution. Just be, feel, love, and embrace the presence of God within you. Let the presence of God provides solutions and blessings into your life. The presence of God makes you a winner when life seems to be in the valley. You feel Ok. You feel energized. Once again, do not ask and do not expect any specific solution. Just be, feel, love, and embrace


The Divine Presence within you. 

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This a spiritual, mystical, and powerful Christian prayer.

Please, do not ask for anything specific, Do not expect anything specific. Just say it, feel it, love it, and embrace the Divine presence within you. Carry this feeling and life throughout the day, and see the change in your life,  Do this three times a day, then anytime you need it.  This is a real-life change solution. For the better of you. Amen.

Almighty loving God

Come into my life to fix my life

Make right where I am wrong

Make better where I am right

Be with me here and everywhere

Be with me now and forever.


The Divine presence within you.

Join and Share your experience at  the socifargo life solutions community

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