Sometimes life hurts

Sometimes life hurts.

Human happiness is only an endless repetition of pleasures and dissatisfactions 

Man designed gods to keep him from suffering, but suffering is always there. 

Suffering can be caused by human error but also by natural disasters. If, for the first, the fault is attributed to man, but then for natural disasters, whose fault is it? As everything is temporary, nature also seeks to create its balance which sometimes affects human life. 

So the confused man cries out to his gods. Oh, gods! Where are you? With you or without you, the pain is always there. 

Suffering will always be there; therefore, do not be less human when it knocks at your door. 

However, everything changes by the presence of Jesus Christ in your life, who by his death on the cross gave a true meaning of happiness. The Sermon on the Mount. Happiness is freedom, non-attachment to anyone, to anything anytime, and anywhere. Happiness is a mental state, not a physical state. 

Happiness is within you. It is in the soul that strength and intelligence of survival and growth flow. 

Oh, human beings! Haven't you heard that nothing is created, nothing is lost, and everything turns into a single element called energy. Trivial as it may sound, we suffer because we continue to worship false gods, our attachment to all that will end one day. That’s our worship. 

During the day, I scream: why can you do this to me? And night falls in despair. Oh, suffering! what do you want from me? But finally, the third day arrives, Christ is resurrected! Glory to the Lord. Victory begins in the mind. 

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