Rise to God’s destiny for your life

Rise to God's destiny for your life

You can not change the end, but you are responsible for how it can happen to you.
Tomorrow can surprise you at any time. That's why you have to live the best of yourself in every second of your life.

What a miserable life! This wasted time and so much energy wasted for living outside of my inner being.
This frantic search for happiness always leaves me dissatisfied.
While others applaud me, silent tears fill the endless void of my heart.
What I am looking for without knowing, he’s you, Lord. Even in my crooked steps, in my most selfish actions, I seek the one who can fill the infinite void of my heart. God, you are the only one who can.

Taking control of one's life answers these fundamental questions: who am I, and why am I in this world?

Taking charge of your life means finally stopping blaming yourself and becoming responsible for your daily life for better self-accomplishment.
Do not let any situation takes over you. Your destiny is encrypted in your cells. You are unique; you are a winner; you are a miracle, You are unconditional Love. You have a mission to fulfill.
Every day has its challenges. Better to start badly and end well than to start well and end badly.

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