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Spiritual Motto

admin Staff asked 4 months ago
What is your “spiritual motto”? a statement or words that when say to yourself, you feel empowered,  you are in control., My spiritual motto is ” There is too much to gain to lose”. It helps me to rise above the trials and temptations  I AM THE CAPTAIN OF MY SHIP.

A spiritual Motto is very important in spiritual growth. it is a self mantra in the mastery of life with thought. It is not a slogan. it is a way that you connect to the universe infinite power, the Greater I am in that precise moment so you can handle the situation, the challenge in that precise moment.  First. you must understand the language of the soul. I urge you to read in-depth to decipher the mystery behind words in lifesolutions/spirituality and self-help.

What is your SPIRITUAL MOTTO? and how does it play in your life?