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Tuesday, October 3
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Socifargo’s Privacy Principles Socifargo is a Christian mutual support membership community for self-development, spirituality, and finances. We have a joint support community, “life solutions,” where every member could share problems and solutions to help one another live a better life. You can meet in one-to-one consultation or group consultation. We provide you with your blog to share your experiences and knowledge. Our uniqueness is our teachings on the in-depth spirituality of Christianity once hidden from the public and our unique Christians investing service where you can transform your one-time contribution into a lifetime income.

We give you control of your privacy.

You should be able to make the privacy choices that are right for you. We want to make sure you know where your privacy controls are and how to adjust them.

your information is safe and secure

We do not ask you about your bank account or financial documents.

You own and can delete your information.

You own the information you share on Socifargo. This means you decide what you share and whom you share it with on Socifargo, and you can change your mind. That’s why we give you tools for deleting anything you’ve posted. We remove it from your timeline and our servers. You can also delete your account whenever you want.

Improvement is constant

We’re constantly working to develop new controls and design them in ways that explain things to people clearly. We invest in research and work with experts beyond Socifargo, including designers, developers, privacy professionals, and regulators.

Contact us at: infosocifargo@gmail.com or directly on the website using our contact form.

May God bless you and your family!