Who am I?

From the night that involves me,

Black like an abyss, pole to pole.

I thank the Creator that leads to the existence,

My happiness that is still concealed.

Oh! This cruel image of circumstances

I have neither winced nor cried.

Under the beating of sentiments

My head bleeds but does not bend.

Never mind the narrowness of the way.

The number of hardships inscribed on the scroll

I am the leader of my destiny.

I am the captain of my happiness.



"If you make the given talents work for you.

If you exploit the treasure placed in you,

you shall have His joy and His trust"- George Socifargo

Who are You?

Jesus answers you Today. John 10:34:  Is it not written in your law: I said: you are gods.  In the same way, the sage Socrates used to say: “Know thyself and you shall know the universe and the Gods”.

"Making the right decision is the beginning of bliss"- George Socifargo