Towards fullness and joy.

This is a depth practice of God's presence for spiritual group life solutions members.

Before doing this, please, go first to our lesson, " Divine Presence within you." So you can understand the Divine presence and how to apply this. Please, review it thoroughly.  Now you must give yourself 10 to 20 minutes of practicing the Divine Presence. Many members have reported that days after practicing the Divine presence, they have seen many changes and blessings in their lives. Please, have with you a journal and a pen. Write the Divine Presence the way you feel this, the words as they come to you. Then thank God for that. Share your results in the "life solutions" community.  Worship, Feel and Embrace. Do not ask or expect any specific thing or solution. Just be in God's presence as if you were already in heaven surrounded by angels of God, the state of mind where there is no miss, no worry, no want. Only the joy to be, to feel, and to embrace the divine presence within you.

When one has experienced the Divine presence, the truth prevails over reality, and the present prevails over the future. What matters is the now: I just want to be with the King of Glory!

Are you looking for God? inside you or outside you? Are you looking for happiness? inside you or outside you?

Trust in God; He will never let you down. Trust in yourself; you will never let yourself down. Join the "lifesolutions" community now!


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