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Christianity Revival

Christianity Revival: What are you waiting for?

      Have a good trip! 

The time has come to take the flight.

  Do not be afraid of criticism from the eye of a stranger. 

                                           Stand up, soldiers of Christ.                                                                              Bible in hand, take heart.                       

Your tears will dry up along the way. 

  Better to start today than tomorrow.

Don't delay Christ's victory in the world. 

It is time to share the legacy of Jesus Christ to his disciples: "Abide in my love." 

                                                    It is time to share the Universal Love lived in the community of the first believers. 

                                             It is time for Christianity Revival. 

Stand up, soldiers of Christ.                                                                             Have faith without backing down.

      Pursue happiness and goodness relentlessly. 

                                   Climb the mountain of the holy fraternity towards infinite love.           

Embracing the Divine Presence within you at all times and in all places, The Greater I am.                             

Once again, have a good trip!

       Wise advice for personal revival & collective revival: 

Mom! says the son: I want to travel. 

     The mother answers: Do not take your luggage, take Jesus Christ.                                                                               Dad! says the daughter: I want to succeed in life. 

                                                        Dad replies: don't take your self-image; take your being. 

A pastor says to Jesus Christ: I want to build a revival church. 

                    Jesus Christ answers: First,  create a community. Where Love is, There is God Also. 


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