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GMA / GMA - 5 days ago

8-year-old opens 24-hour food pantry for his birthday

In celebration of his eighth birthday, one California boy built a place where his neighbors can safely get food during the coronavirus pandemic.A few months ago, Eagle Jayagoda launched "Little Free Food Table" near his home. The miniature food pantr...

GMA / GMA - 5 days ago

Rare blue moon to light up the sky on Halloween

On Halloween, the sky will be lit up by a rare blue moon on the spookiest night of the year!PHOTO: A full moon shines over an owl landing on the branches of a tree silhouetted against blue night sky in this undated photo. (Arterra/Universal Images Gr...

GMA / GMA - 5 days ago

Trump urges Republicans to back bigger coronavirus bill

The White House is signaling a renewed interest in negotiations with Congress over the next coronavirus stimulus relief package after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to keep the House in session until a deal with Republicans and the administration i...