The Bahamas face massive devastation as the death toll rises to 43 overnight Video

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Carolina are happy to see it go. We continue team coverage in the Bahamas where the devastation is massive. The united nations estimating at least 70,000 people are homeless in abaco and grand Bahamas. Marcus Moore is in Nassau. He has the very latest. Good morning. Reporter: Eva, good morning. This morning the critical search and rescue operations are ramping up once again as thousands of storm survivors are lining up at battered airport terminals and boat docks hoping to get off those battered islands and here to Nassau. This morning hell on Earth in parts of the Bahamas as survivors await humanitarian aid. The death toll rising, now at 43. Thousands possibly missing and the deceased still under piles of rumble. For the first time in my life I saw a dead body. Seeing that switched my whole mood of — there is no civilization no more. Reporter: Officials warning prepare for a death toll that can be unimaginable and devastating. U.S. Responding, deploying a fleet of emergency responders to the government. They’re part of an international coalition with the uk, Canada and caribbean partners. They’re working with private organizations to bring supplies and relief. We were with customs and border protection and search and rescue teams. This is an operation that has been ramping up in the last couple days. It will be going on for quite sometime. First landing at marsh harbor airport. This is my first time back to the airport since last Friday. The airport a scene of despair. Families wait to leave the island. It’s getting worse. We have to get out. Nothing is usable. No food. No hardware. Nothing. Reporter: The docks in abaco overflowing. Hundreds standing by waiting for evacuation. It’s chaos here. The place is uninhabitable. Nobody can live here. Reporter: Cruise ships repurposed as ferries. The injured are forced to bide their time in overcrowded hospitals, so many now starting to deal with the trauma of surviving a nightmare. Marcus, there has been a big effort to get the airports open. You met a lot of people at the airport in marsh harbor. What are they telling you they’re planning to do next? Reporter: Eva, first there were people who had been at the airport terminal in marsh harbor for several days, three days. No food. No water. No power. Some will come to Nassau to meet with family. Others told me they have no plan at all. They just want to get off that island. One woman told me the beauty in marsh harbor is gone, but the heart of the people are there. Eva? Thank you, Marcus.

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