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Opening up to the Divine Goodness

Opening up to the Divine Goodness.

Life in countless forms

Imposes himself on my eyes, commands me, embraces me,

without revealing its ends.

I cry out my impotence to the formidable forces

Matter on the move, eternal, infinite.

As banal as it may be, my whole life is just a struggle and satisfaction of my thoughts, habits, and addictions.

Possessions and satisfactions, Man experiences panicky moments.

To make oneself more desirable!

I then look for what happened to me in the past,

The arcade of my life,

The free and controlled will

By which I was desperately in need of help.

The mountains and valleys of existence

Imperatively dictated my conduct.

Several times each day, I would have to stop

The moment that sneaks and runs away,

And I was desperately clinging to him.

I had to cling to my heart

The voluptuousness that I have conquered.

To feel in me, around me, the life around me,

To hear murmuring, in space and time,

The eternal canticle of restarts,

While scattered, distracted, out of my center

I cannot hold back my mind that fights

Not to lose this happiness which from afar is clear and defined.

But as soon as I get close, fogs appear.

Every morning I am braced

To the need to go towards a goal

May my desire cut out in the distance, in peace.

Farther and farther away, always farther away from the restful prairie!

And I walk but when I arrive,

As if I brought the torment with me,

I find a meadow spiked by the wind.

I search in vain for the truth.

A man says: “It is here,”

Another person signals: “it’s there,”

But I find nothing but a decal of themselves.

I am gold, the ultimate mode of energy and infinite wealth.

 Prolonging the primordial impulse,

to free a sad heart

from the material that governs it.

I am a ray of sunshine

Who appears and changes lives and all things:

A pile of coal in a glowing boudoir,

A singing spring in woolen skeins,

A bronze plaque in swarms of moths.

I am a vibration

which repercusses, in the distance, the effort of survival.

A machine imposes torsions on the iron,

The mass falls and splits the stone,

And by me, somewhere, will lie down arms, a helper.

I am an idea on a journey

It becomes an act, and from it, life releases its meaning.

I am a continual becoming, a movement born from another, fruitful

in the eternal rhythm of the inexhaustible fountain.

I am the temple where everyone finds a favorite altar,

The world is full of objects that speak to the mind ;

If we all had to love them

The heart would burst with too many emotions,

But to the vibrant soul come the rays of light,

from the infinitely great, powerful, and loving God.

“Spirituality has two fundamentals dimensions. The individual dimension (Divine Presence) and the collective dimension (The law of Togetherness). Apply them and succeed”-George.M.Socifargo

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