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GMA / GMA - 2 days ago

Louisiana primary results

Louisiana holds its Democratic and Republican primaries on July 11, after the contests were postponed from April 4 due to the coronavirus pandemic. While both primaries are settled, 54 delegates are at stake for Democrats and 46 delegates for Republi...

GMA / GMA - 2 days ago

Trump's New Hampshire rally postponed due to weather concerns

President Donald Trump’s rally scheduled for Saturday night in New Hampshire has been postponed and his campaign is citing concerns over Tropical Storm Fay and its path towards the northeast part of the country.In a statement Trump 2020 communication...

GMA / GMA - 3 days ago

Trump targets tax-exempt status for schools, universities

President Donald Trump on Friday wrote he was instructing the Treasury Department "to re-examine" the "tax-exempt status ...and/or funding" of "universities and school systems" that, he said, "are about Radical Left Indoctrination, not Education."In...